Beach Accessories

With many people starting to think about their summer holidays it is important to ensure all the right beach accessories are ready to pack for those long, hot days on the sand and in the sea.

There are a huge choice of different beach accessories available with a wide range of different styles, colours, designs and materials. Anyone about to head off on holiday needs to decide which beach items they need and carry out some research about the best place to buy before making a purchase.

It is worth considering purchasing ethically sourced beach accessories, this will mean that the "at source" manufacturer of the item will be properly paid and rewarded for their hard work, with mass manufacturing "factory" operations the people who make the items can be paid a pittance.

Just like "Fair Trade" food items, ethical beach accessories are made in a totally humane and fair manner so that everyone in the process is looked after and correctly remunerated for their efforts.

Some of the nicest and most practical items available for use in the sun are the huge range of Kisiki Kikoy ethical beach accessories. Kikoys are made of cotton in Kenya and have numerous uses, they can be worn as a sarong, wrap or headwear and even used for drying off after a swim in the sea. The fabric has inspired a number of other practical holiday essentials.

A popular holiday accessory the kikoy towel is a stylish colourful beach towel which looks good wrapped around you, is thin enough to dry quickly before the next swim and comes with a small pocket to hide away room keys or small change.

Inspired by the kikoy towel are the Kisiki Bath/swim robes. These are a great option for people who feel uncomfortable walking to the pool or beach in just their costume as the robes are a stylish practical cover up. These robes come in kids sizes as well, children loose their body temperature quickly so a Kisiki swim robe or poncho is the perfect way to let your kids continue to have fun and play on the beach or by the pool after a swim and keep warm at the same time. Being cotton, they also work in the opposite way and help to protect against the sun.

Kisiki are suppliers of ethically sourced beach accessories and have a great selection of products available to browse and buy in the online store, for more information or advice about ethical beach accessories call Kisiki on 0845 3731351.

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