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Anyone looking to buy kikoy (or kikoi) needs to ensure the kikoy product has been sourced in an ethical manner. Kikoys are originally from East Africa where they are woven with 100% combed cotton using traditional African weaving methods. The word kikoy (or in swahili "kikoi") traditionally refers to a piece of fabric approximately 40" x 60" which was used on the coast by men as their traditional attire. Wrapped around the waist and folded over to keep it on, this is a very comfortable and cool garment in the hot tropical sun.

The two length way ends of the kikoy are hand twisted and knotted to stop the woven fabric un ravelling. This job is usually done by the women. When coming to buy a kikoy, research should be done to ensure the actual manufacturer of the kikoy is being paid a fair amount for their product and that these women are also paid a fair amount. You will usually find the kikoy retailer will have information about how ethically made the kikoy is.

A kikoy fabric is usually designed in very bright, bold and powerful colours making them a fabulous item to wear, especially on hot days or at a fun occasion where bright clothing is the order of the day.

People look to buy kikoy for a number of reasons, with them being so versatile it is possible for kikoy to be used in many different ways including wearing them as sarongs, skirts, ponchos, robes and even as a towel to dry off with.

Kisiki are specialist retailers of kikoy products, all kikoy items on the Kisiki website are ethically sourced from Kenyan manufacturers.

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