Kikapu Baskets

Kikapu baskets are great when you’re heading to the beach or out into the sun, many people use these stylish baskets for carrying everything they need, such as their Kikoy towel, sun cream, books and other beach items.
Kikapu baskets are lightweight and have plenty of space, they are also perfect for using in the sun. The basket itself is woven from reed found in Kenya and edged with leather to make the basket very strong. Each Kikapu basket is hand made and woven by Kenyan craftsmen, making each one totally unique and put together with an exceptional level of skill and expertise.  
Each Kikapu basket is expertly crafted and has beaded handles with a beaded leather flip over clasp, which closes with a magnetic snap. There are six different styles to choose from and each basket will be just that little bit unique due to the fact that they are hand woven.

One of the big benefits of Kikapu baskets is that they offer great practicality, allowing enough space to carry much more than a standard bag or basket, while allowing the owner to look very stylish at the same time.

Kisiki are specialist retailers of a wide range of Kenyan products. Kikapu baskets and all kikoy items on the Kisiki website are ethically sourced directly from Kenyan manufacturers, to find out more and browse the range of items on offer visit the Kisiki website.

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