Traditional Kenyan Garments

Traditional Kenyan garments are bright and colourful and never fail to light up your day when you wear them. The methods that are used to create these beautiful items have been passed down from one Kenyan generation to the next, ensuring that traditions never die out. We have seen how commercialism and mass manufacture can result in the production of sub-standard items, and this is one of the reasons that so many people are drawn to traditional Kenyan garments.

Probably the best known Traditional Kenyan Garment is the Kikoy. Kikoys were originally worn by men, who would wrap the material around their waist much like a sarong, pareo or lungi would be worn in other parts of the world. The benefit of such an item of clothing is that it is versatile, being cotton it is cool and it offers protection from the hot sun but, most important of all it is loose and comfortable to wear in the heat.

Today, these traditional Kenyan garments are still made from 100% combed cotton, although they are no longer weaved using traditional Kenyan hand operated looms, but mechanical looms. The designs that you see today are based around the traditional kikoy designs although the colours and dyes have improved and there is now a much broader colour spectrum of kikoys on the market. In Kenya, in some tribal circles, the traditional Kenyan kikoy with original colours and designs are still used as special garments worn for ceremonies such as weddings, births and funerals.

There are many varying styles of garments developed from the original Kikoy sarong, these items are wide and diverse, ranging from towels and bathrobes through to tablecloths and headwear.

The very best garments are sourced directly from the highly skilled Kenyan craftsmen and women, this ensures that the items retain their originality and that they are produced from the highest quality materials. Kisiki are suppliers of traditional Kenyan kikoys who have a huge selection of beautiful products available on their website. Everything on offer has been sourced in an ethical manor, this means that the manufacturers of the items are properly rewarded for their hard work and they are never exploited in the process.

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