It is said that there are 101 uses for a kikoy. Here are just a few to get your imagination going…..
  • How to wear…for women and men
  • On the beach
  • After a shower
  • Around the house

Place the fringe edge on the hip or under the arm. Wrap around the body and roll the top down on itself to stay up. For best results ensure a tight fit.

  • As a scarf around your neck
  • As a shawl over your shoulders
  • As a table cloth
  • As a towel
  • As a flag
  • As a throw
  • To shade yourself or your children
  • As a turban/ head scarf
  • As a blanket for your baby
  • As a cloth/bib/vom blanket for your baby
  • As a sling to carry your baby on your back