England Merchandise

England Merchandise is something every patriotic English man or woman should own to show their pride in being English. Whether to be in theme for the European Football Championships and London Olympics in 2012 or the upcoming Rugby World Cup, or just to show national pride when abroad  in the summer, England merchandise is always in fashion.

The St. George's Cross adorns most England Merchandise and is an iconic image that represents England. It's popularity and use by the general public increased dramatically in the latter part of the 20th Century. This is largely put down to the sporting nationalism that was inspired by the "Euro 96" Football tournament held in England that seemed to re-invigorate the sport and give the English public a great feeling of pride in their nation.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on England merchandise in readiness for the summer and before the next big wave of expensive England merchandise hits the shops for the upcoming international sporting events.

Kisiki stock a St. George Kenyan Kikoy based upon the St. George's Cross but maintaining the traditional weave and design features of a kikoy. The best thing about this product from an England supporter's perspective is how multifunctional the garment actually is. It can be worn like a sarong around the waist, over the shoulders at the match, as a  lightweight beach towel or simply as a flag waved at a sporting event or hung in a window. It is made from 100% cotton so is comfortable to wear yet maintains its symbolic value. It is the ideal gift for any England supporter and will last for years. Kisiki also stock other England Merchandise such as England bracelets, hand crafted leather England belts, Ladies flip flops and England dog collars and leads all using the St. George's cross design. For more information and to purchase some patriotic England Merchandise please visit the Kisiki website where you can browse the full range of England products.

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