Flip Flops

Summer is just around the corner and with many people heading off on holiday or to the beach, it is time to start thinking about suitable beach clothing, footwear and accessories.

When it comes to beach footwear, flip flops have become a staple of the British summer wardrobe, but many people are still unsure of the best flip flops to buy.

With so many different styles and prices to choose from it can be a very difficult decision to make. Ill-fitting and low quality flip flops can cause irritation and discomfort, or simply not last, so it is important to make an informed decision.

Kenyan flip flops are one variety of summer footwear that provides fantastic comfort and style at a reasonable price, they are made from real leather with a rubber sole and come in a number of different styles, including heel and wedge variations.

Kisiki Kenyan flip flops provide a mixture of quality and style that few other products do, they are made of real leather uppers mounted on a rubber sole for maximum comfort.

Kenyan flip flops have hand stitched beads which are woven onto the leather by highly skilled Kenyan crafts people. Another major consideration when buying items of clothing from Kenya or any other African country is to ensure that the products are ethically sourced, this ensures the local producer is being paid the fair amount of money and is rewarded for their skill and time.

Anyone looking to buy ethically sourced flip flops or beach clothing, should visit the Kisiki online store to browse the fantastic range of different items including bags, summer accessories, traditional Kenyan garments, cotton kikoys, wraps, sarongs and kaftans as well as sandals and beach footwear and much more.

Kisiki are suppliers of ethically sourced beach accessories and have a great selection of products available to browse and buy in the online store with fast delivery to the UK, for more information or advice about ethical beach accessories call Kisiki on 0845 3731351.

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